#5 YKK AquaGuard Zipper sold per foot, also available in bulk rolls
#8 YKK AquaGuard Zipper sold per foot, also available in bulk rolls
#3 YKK AquaGuard Zipper sold per foot, also available in bulk rolls

AquaGuard Zipper (Sold per ft)

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AquaGuard Zipper by the Foot from YKK. This high-quality zipper provides superior water resistance and is sold by the foot, making it easy to customize the length to your needs. Its sturdy construction and reliable functionality ensure durability.

The AquaGuard technology creates a water-resistant seal, making it perfect for garments and accessories that require protection from moisture. Use it to create water-resistant jackets, backpacks, outdoor gear, and more. The sleek black color and minimalist design make it a stylish addition to any item.

With YKK's commitment to quality and durability, you can trust that this zipper will provide long-lasting protection from water

Product Details

  • Length: Sold per ft
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: YKK
  • Water-resistant


  1. Outdoor clothing: Create waterproof jackets, pants, and other outdoor clothing.

  2. Backpacks and bags: Use the Aquaguard Zipper to add water-resistant pockets or compartments to your backpack or bag.

  3. Tents and tarps: Create water-resistant doors and windows on tents and tarps.

  4. Water sports equipment: Add water-resistant closures to wetsuits, dry bags, and other water sports gear.

  5. Automotive covers: Use the zipper to create a water-resistant closure for car covers.

  6. Boat covers: Use the Aquaguard Zipper to create water-resistant enclosures for boat covers.

  7. Camping gear: Add water-resistant closures to camping gear, such as sleeping bags, mats, and camp chairs.

  8. Pet gear: Create water-resistant pockets or compartments for pet carriers, kennels, or backpacks.

*This zipper is sold per foot*

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