Our Story

How It Began

ReFasten was founded by Colin Bottomley with the goal of helping the MYOG community. As someone who makes their own gear, Colin found that it was difficult to source some of the most important materials to make your own gear, such as waterproof zippers, technical fabrics, and quality hardware. Many of the suppliers for these materials were located out of the country and had high minimum order quantities that forced people to order excessive amounts. 

After taking a step back and thinking “How could we do better?”, we decided the solution to this problem was, ReFasten! Today, we strive to help the world repair and create in a sustainable way. One person can only repair so much, but by sharing our knowledge and giving people access to the materials their gear is made from, the sky is the limit. We want to show people that repairing and making your own gear is something everyone can do. ReFasten provides people with the materials they need to do so, from buckles to webbing, zippers and more. 

Our Values


Committed to reducing our foot print and helping you reduce yours

This is a duffle bag made from recycled fabric offered by refasten Canada, as well as YKK AquaGuard zipper and Woojin Plastic hardware.

Giving you access to all the new gadgets that you find on new gear


We love what we do and we are passionate about it. We're here to help you grow your business or make your own gear.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make materials more accessible to businesses and individuals. We want to help your business grow by giving you access to the best and newest fabrics, zippers, and hardware!

ReFasten is committed to constantly improving the way we do things. From the products we sell to the packaging you receive it in, we want everything to be the best it can be.