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Professional Contract Cutting Services

Why Outsource Cutting?

  • Save time - As a business, time is likely in short supply, and one of the most time consuming parts of the process is cutting
  • Precise & sealed cuts - Laser cutting ensures your parts are cut right, every time.
  • Low pricing- Starting as low as $50
CAD drawing for laser cutting services
1. Submit Quotation

Submit your file(s) and receive a free quote. Our team is here to help answer any questions along the way.

Laser cutting of fabric/textile
2. Production

Once you approve the work, we move forward with laser cutting your parts. Your parts will move into the production schedule and be completed by the approved date.

Laser cut EVA Foam spacer
3. Receive Parts

Receive your cut parts, with speed & precision, ensuring they're perfectly prepared for the next phase of manufacturing and sewing.

Cut File Best Practices

  • File Type - All files must be .dxf format. This is a widely used export option for most CAD programs.
  • Scale - Parts should be in a (1:1) scale, meaning they are already the correct size you would like your cut parts to be.
  • Units - Your design should be in either inches or mm. Make sure you select the correct option on the quotation form.
  • File Details - All shapes should be closed with no overlapping cut lines. Cut-lines should be the only existing component within the file; do not include seam-allowances or guide lines within.

If you have any questions, please reach out to info@refasten.ca​. Note that we don't currently offer file creation services. 


  1. Submit your request via our submission form. We will reach out if there are any questions regarding your submission.
  2. A member of our team will reach out with the quotation details.
  3. We will get your approval to move forward if you choose to.
  4. Receive your cut parts.

This can depend on a few different factors. However, in general, we have a maximum cutting width of 55" (1400mm) and virtually unlimited restrictions on length as our laser operates with a conveyor belt.

But this is also dependent on the material we are cutting from. If your fabric is 50", the maximum width will be 48", 2" less the fabric width. This ensures proper part placement and sufficient room for cutting.

It is important to consider the warp and weft of fabric when designing your files. Warp = Length and Weft = Width. If your pattern pieces need to be arranged in a specific orientation, we will need to know, as it could affect fabric usage and increase costs.

Depending on your application, you may want to cut parts a certain way to take advantage of unique properties of the material.

Yes, we have a minimum charge.

Minimum Charge:

$50 minimum per material cut. There are no additional minimum charges for each unique part cut on the same material.

Yes, we certainly can! You can even have your supplier ship your materials directly to us, reducing shipping costs. It is important to note that we will need to use a small portion of your fabric to test laser cutting settings and ensure your pieces will be cut perfect.

The lead time can vary depending on our current work load. It is generally 2 weeks from the date of quotation approval.