TIZIP Waterproof and Airtight MasterSeal 10 zipper
TIZIP Waterproof and Airtight MasterSeal 10 zipper

TIZIP MasterSeal 10 - (800mm)

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This is a TIZIP MasterSeal 10 zipper, closed on both ends with a length of 800mm (approximately 31.5")

With its robust and flexible design and the improved Bottom Stop, the multifunctional TIZIP® MasterSeal 10 offers a high water, and air pressure resistance. The zipper’s plastic teeth are attached to the front and back side of a durable, polyurethane-coated tape. As with the TIZIP® MasterSeal waterproof and pressure-resistant properties are secured by the pressing together of the sealing lip across the interlocking elements. The TIZIP® MasterSeal is opened and closed with a precision metal or polymer metal slider. The zipper’s outstanding properties make it uniquely suitable for a full range of demanding applications.

Product Details

  • Length: 800mm
  • Chain Width: 10mm
  • Water & airtight
  • Sealing strength: max. 700mbar
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater applications
  • Oil and gasoline-resistant


  • Watersports clothing
  • Waterproof bags
  • Protective clothing
  • Tents and coverings
  • Outdoor gear

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