Zipper lubricant for TIZIP brand waterproof and airtight zippers.
Zipper lubricant for TIZIP brand waterproof and airtight zippers

TIZIP Zipper Lubricant

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This is original TIZIP® lubricant, designed to be used on TIZIP® brand zippers.


  • The maintenance of TIZIP® zippers may differ depending on the model in question.
  • If lubrication is necessary, make sure to use the original TIZIP® lubricant or a comparable product.
  • Please also make sure to clean the zippers before undertaking to lubricate them.
  • Proper lubrication prior to use is crucial to the proper functioning of all TIZIP® zippers that require lubrication.

TIZIP® MasterSeal

  • The ports of zippers closed at both ends must be lubricated from time to time (e.g. after extended storage periods).
  • Depending on the exact model in question, MasterSeal zippers may come with or without a lubricated port.

TIZIP® SuperSeal

  • SuperSeal zippers need to be lubricated along the interlocking elements and sealing lip.
  • We request all manufacturers to apply some lubricant to the interlocking elements and the sealing lips
  • Then open and close the zippers across their full length at least 5 times after they have been incorporated into new products.
  • Proper lubrication is crucial for the functioning of TIZIP zippers!
  • To ensure proper lubrication, please follow the instructions in the relevant manual.

TIZIP® WaterSeal

  • For smooth operation grease TIZIP® WaterSeal on occasion.
  • Please follow the maintenance instruction from TIZIP® WaterSeal.

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