What Got You Into Repairing Your Own Gear?

What Got You Into Repairing Your Own Gear?

What got you into repairing gear? Everyone I've talked to always has a different story about what got them into it. It's always fun to hear about what inspired someone. 

I've always been interested in how things work. Ever since I was a kid I have always been curious about how things were made and why. I used to love taking apart anything I could get my hands on. A quick shout out to my parents for putting up with this, not everything made it back together quite the same. Trial and error am I right? I remember I had a couple of these remote controlled cars. I’d break out my tiny screw drivers and get to work swapping parts making them look “cool”. I loved making something unique. These RC cars later turned into my jackets and packs. When my zippers would give out, I’d always find a quality zipper and usually a bit bigger too, that way it would last longer. When I had some gear that unfortunately wasn’t repairable, I’d snag everything I could re-use off of it, zippers, buckles, and use them to fix my other stuff. Slowly I got into more technical repairs. Taking apart liners so I could sew patches on my waterproof jackets and seam sealing.

I’d have to give my mother-in-law, Charlotte credit for getting me into sewing though. She’s as good as it gets. She worked for a company sewing bulletproof vests and a bunch of other military and technical products for over 15 years. She taught me how to sew and anytime I’d have a question, she was the go to person. She definitely got me out of more than one situation where I was in over my head, So huge thanks to Charlotte!!

I’d love to hear how you guys got into sewing and repairing/making your own gear! Feel free to drop your story in the comments or connect with us on social media or through email to tell us your story!

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