The Charlatan : Navigating Repair Culture

The Charlatan : Navigating Repair Culture
Recently we had Natasha Baldin from The Charlatan reach out to us at ReFasten for an article titled “Navigating repair culture: A bold counter-consumerism movement in outdoor spaces.”
The Charlatan is Carleton University’s very own independent news source, providing the community with fresh content and entertainment.
We’re excited to be a part of this cultural shift toward more sustainable consumerism and were able to give The Charlatan our two cents on the matter. The article also features other creators, repair shops and DIYers like Thread The Needle, Atelier Hors-piste and Yanagi Repair Store.
So, check out the article linked above/below for a little insight into this repair-over-replace community we're building up.
A big thanks to Natasha for reaching out!

Check out the article here too:


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