LEARN MYOG: Zero to Hero Sewing Guide

LEARN MYOG: Zero to Hero Sewing Guide
Starting out in this world of endless things to sew and create can be intimidating. There’s so much you need to know right off the bat like what’s important for a good stitch and what to buy for your first project so where do you start?
That’s where Learn MYOG’s Zero to Hero guide comes in!
It’s essentially a sewing survival guide that will help you make the gear you’ve always wanted to. It includes sewing machine and tool recommendations, a needles and thread selection guide, and just generally very good advice on how to start off on the right foot and keep going.
Believe me, we at ReFasten understand the struggles that can come along with starting to sew - we’ve had our fair share of DIYs gone wrong - but that doesn’t mean you should stop there. From day 1, sewing machine fresh out of the box to creating and customizing the bag of your dreams, this guide has your back. It also includes a project complexity ranking system that can help you learn all the skills and acquire all the confidence needed for making your very first backpack. So, reach for the stars! (or at least for the pedal).
With all of its tips and tricks, Zero to Hero will definitely come in handy (and it’s free!), so make sure to check it out!

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